Automated CO2 Cleaning for Laser Welding Soot Contamination

Soot Removal Features:

  • CO2 spray removes soot generated from laser welding operations
  • Works with stainless to stainless, Inconel to stainless and moly welds
  • Flexible to configure to the laser welder
  • Capable for cleaning pre-weld and post-weld surfaces
  • Automated or retrofits on existing tooling

CO2 Snow Cleaning for Soot Removal

Cleanliness is a large concern for parts and device manufacturers. Laser welding devices generate unwanted metal oxide particles, or soot, which contaminate the surface of the weld and require cleaning. CO2 spray cleaning ensures pre-weld and post-weld cleanliness by removing the soot. CO2 cleaning technology eliminates traditional manual cleaning techniques by removing soot residues with a powerful, no-touch cleaning solution. Soot removal has been demonstrated in medical device manufacturing applications, as well as Hard Disk Drive and electronics assembly systems.