Automation / Custom Solutions

Automated CO2 Solutions

Cool Clean Technologies specializes in automating our CO2 technology over a manual approach including faster cleaning, smaller footprint, repeatable cleaning, and saves labor. This no touch approach enables parts to remain in a clean environment without adding any outside contamination.

Automated CO2 cleaning is especially important for highly sensitive components, such as electronics, hard disk drive, automotive, and optics. Automating the cleaning process has reduced cost and increased efficiency for operations.

Automated cleaning can be done as an in-line solution, retrofit to existing equipment, or stand alone as a custom enclosure. Automated CO2 technology is simple as the Cool Clean equipment’s PLC interface communicates seamlessly with robotics.

Custom CO2 Solutions

Outside of automation, Cool Clean Technologies offers custom solutions to enhance the capability of CO2 technology. Although we have our key niche industries, we field any inquiry big or small. We believe that CO2 has capabilities to provide a degree of success in any application.

We are happy to work with you from the testing phase to qualify your application in our cleanroom and to determine the most effective and economical solution. Our team of highly experienced designers and engineers will help create unique solutions to meet all your specific needs.

Contact us with your challenging application today.