Why Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting, otherwise known as dry ice cleaning, is a more aggressive form of precision cleaning using dry ice pellets instead of CO2 snow. Dry ice blasting saves resources and is less time consuming than traditional cleaning methods. The system works by accelerating particles of dry ice to an extremely high speed combined with a jet stream of compressed air.  Particles of various sizes, surfaces and degrees of soiling are cleaned efficiently and powerfully, yet gentle to the material with dry ice blasting. Furthermore, dry ice blasting reduces the downtime of machines, as they often do not need to be dismantled, and can be cleaned right in place.

Additional Benefits:

  • Flexible, Robust and Versatile
  • Precise and Thorough Cleaning
  • Quiet, Portable and Easy to Operate
  • Optimizes Workflows & Saves Costs
  • Economical Operation
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning – No Chemicals

How does dry ice blasting clean?

3 different effects which enable an optimal cleaning procedure.

The first effect, known as the kinetic effect, is where the dry ice blaster accelerates the dry ice particles to high speeds. As the dry ice impacts the surface, it hits at -78,5°C instantly cooling the surface, contracts, and creates cracks on the dirt being removed. Through the different coefficients of thermal expansion, the compound of surface and dirt is loosened. The third, and most important effect, results in the change of the physical condition of the dry ice particles. Upon impact the carbon dioxide directly transforms, or sublimates, from a solid to a gaseous state and expands about 700 times the volume within a split second. This expansion “blasts off” the dirt from the surface. At the end of the cleaning procedure the loosened dirt particles can be easily disposed of with no remaining residue or CO2 left behind.

Where can Dry Ice Blasting be Used?

The areas of application with dry ice blasting are nearly endless. Even persistent substances such as grease, oils, glues, food residues or paint can be removed. The dry ice blasting system can be easily adjusted to clean some of the most difficult materials and surfaces without causing any damage.

Discover the possibilities for your area with the following examples:

Plastics Industry
Injection molds
Release Agent Removal
Tool Cleaning

Metal Industry
Machines and Units
Metal Molds
Tool Cleaning
Surface Finishing

Aviation Industry
Turbines and Engine Parts
Technical Components
Interior and Avionics
Cargo Holds

Restoration & Facility Cleaning
Post-fire Restoration
Mold Removal
Wood Restoration
Graffiti Removal

Auto Detailing
Engine Compartment
Interior – Dashboard, Trim
Rims and Brakes

Food Industry
Conveyor Belts
Filling Systems
Packaging Machines
Baking Lines

Electronics & Energy Industry
Control Cabinets
Circuit Boards and Soldering Units
Electric Motors
Electrical Components