CO2 Precision Cleaning for Inspection Devices

Pre-Inspection Cleaning Features:     

  • CO2 spray cleaning for no-touch residue removal
  • Combined with additive for increased cleanliness
  • Automated for increased efficiency
  • Removes light oil emulsions, dusts, residues and machining particulate
  • Cleans glass, metals, etc. down to 0.3 microns on the surface

Inspection tools are used to measure the cleanliness of a part before it can pass on to the next assembly step. Prior to inspection, parts must go through an extensive cleaning process, necessary to make sure that contamination does not result in failures during measurement. Typically, manual cleaning of these devices is the method of choice, though it is tedious and inconsistent. CO2 cleaning is revolutionizing the cleaning process for pre-inspection and measurement devices and is an excellent alternative because the CO2 spray quickly removes various manufacturing residues, coolants, and debris from the part. Further, automating CO2 spray technology can be effectively used to remove residues prior to inspection without having to physically handle the component. Cool Clean’s dry, no-touch CO2 cleaning technology is easily automated and integrated into existing manufacturing lines.