Cleaning & Defluxing Electronic Boards

Solder Flux Removal Features:

  • Surface cleaning for soldering and welding
  • Non-abrasive to delicate components on boards and assemblies
  • Spot cleaning can be automated to avoid problem areas
  • Excellent cleaning under tightly spaced components
  • Cleans solder flux, soot, submicron particles, and debris
  • Solvent free process that is safe for workers
  • Leaves behind no residue post cleaning
Solder Flux Removal
After CO2 Cleaning

Flux residues after a soldering process have long caused a nuisance for printed circuit board manufacturers, as they can cause corrosion on the surface and lead to problems down the line. That is why it is important to have a solution that removes the flux residue. CO2 spray cleaning specializes in solder flux removal and cleaning for various electronic components and printed circuit boards. Unlike water-based cleaning, which opens risk for damaging the electronic wires or assemblies, CO2 cleaning solutions spray off the resulting flux residues without damaging the board or components. The process is dry, solvent-free, and touchless, where the CO2 particles used to clean sublimate from the part surface, leaving nothing behind. Post solder and re-flow cleaning using CO2 spray removes solder flux from between printed circuit board and chip components, allowing for cleaner down-stream components and improves appearance of finished product. Cool Clean’s CO2 cleaning solutions quickly and effectively deflux and remove particles, light oils, and other board assembly residues. Solutions can be used manually, as well as integrated into automated cleaning systems.