Environmentally Friendly “Green” Dry Cleaning Systems

Dry Cleaning Features / Capacities:

  • PERC free and uses non-toxic cleaning agents
  • Minimal pre-spotting and post-spotting required
  • Loads size up to 35 lbs (16 kg) of garments
  • Short cycle time
  • No load separation required
  • Prolonged clothing life
  • No stain setting
  • Less machine maintenance
  • No post drying required

CO2 dry cleaning is an energy efficient process that does not use any harsh chemicals or high heat that may negatively impact garments. Cool Clean’s environmentally friendly dry cleaning approach uses recycled liquid CO2, as well as a proprietary organic cleaning agent as the cleaning medium. A wide range of garments can be cleaned at once, including colors, delicate fabrics, leathers, and more, in our gentle, low-pressure process. After the cycle is complete and the garments are clean, the liquid CO2 is recaptured from the cleaning vessel and returned to the storage tank, allowing up to 99% of CO2 re-used for future cleaning cycles. The garments are removed, dry, clean, and slightly cool to the touch, but not requiring any heated drying cycle. The delicate nature of liquid CO2 dry cleaning increases the life cycle of garments compared to water and harsh chemicals like perchloroethylene, while still providing effective and efficient cleaning.