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Cool Clean Technologies: the global leader of engineered solutions utilizing CO2.

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Orthopedic medical companies see success in incorporating liquid CO2 cleaning systems into their finished part cleaning.


Aerospace manufacturers desire to machine dry when drilling composites. CO2 machine coolant systems are the solution.

Data Storage

Waterless cleaning of Hard Disk Drives is automated to save money with lower consumption and labor costs.

Cool Clean Technologies uses an innovative approach to cleaning and cooling by utilizing environmentally friendly CO2. Deliver precision cleaning to the surface with a focused spray of solid CO2 particles known as dry ice cleaning or snow cleaning with our Omega™ Cleaning Module. Submerge parts in pressurized liquid carbon dioxide with our Enertia™ LCO2 Cleaning System. Apply a cold spray of CO2 particles through the spindle or externally on the heat zone with our Chilaire™ Machine Coolant System.

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