Industry Challenge

As vision systems advance in capabilities and increase in production for the automotive industry, the importance of having effective cleaning processes throughout manufacturing and assembly have increased as well. The rising costs of manufacturing defects have put greater focus on technology to improve the current and ineffective cleaning processes.

CO2 Solution

Cool Clean Technologies’ CO2 spray cleaning systems offer a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution, while also reducing scrap rates for vision system production. The touch-free advantage of CCT’s automated CO2 spray cleaning systems allow for greater consistency and throughput, without the need for volatile solvents or the massive energy required for water washing.

Cool Clean Products

CCT’s Omega CO2 spray cleaning systems provide a dry and residue free surface cleaning, which allows customers to immediately move to coating and additional assembly processes. These systems are easily retrofitted to existing production lines and have minimal operating cost, making them an ideal solution for in-line cleaning process improvement.

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