Industry Challenge

Traditionally, the primary options for cleaning interior and exterior automotive parts were manual solvent wiping and large water wash systems. Manual wiping is inconsistent, expensive, and has significant health and safety concerns for workers. Water wash systems have a large footprint, costly water purification/disposal standards, and post-drying process that requires massive energy usage, greatly increasing the carbon footprint.

CO2 Solution

Cool Clean Technologies’ CO2 spray cleaning systems provide an improved sustainable solution to automotive interior and exterior parts cleaning, and boast the following industry benefits:

  • No-touch, automated cleaning process
  • Minimal footprint for improved facility flow and capability
  • No post drying or waste purification/removal required
  • Sustainable process with extremely limited energy consumption

Cool Clean Products

CCT has a range of Omega CO2 spray cleaning systems to provide solutions to whatever cleaning challenge we are presented. With modular spray sizing and nozzle types, and customizable system features, we provide systems that meet any unique customer requirements.

More information

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