Liquid CO2 cleans medical orthopedic implants, implantable components, and other complex geometric surfaces that are contaminated with a wide variety of residues. Regularly, sintered, or porous metals are used in hip and knee replacement operations and must be cleaned extremely well to offer the best metal-to-bone bonding. Liquid CO2 is an excellent medium for these orthopedic implants, as CO2 has a low viscosity allowing it to flow easily through and penetrate the porous metal device, deep cleaning the material.

Cool Clean’s Enertia™ system is a complete liquid CO2 centrifugal cleaning system that includes both cleaning and recycling in a single compact unit. The cleaning ability of the liquid CO2 process is derived from a combination of unique solvent cleaning power and physical cleaning action (i.e., centrifugal fluid shear, ultrasonic agitation, and spray-under-immersion). After the cleaning process is complete, parts are removed clean and dry, eliminating secondary drying, while all fluids are recycled internally, greatly reducing secondary waste.

Based on years of cleaning experience in a wide variety of cleaning applications, the Enertia™ system is succeeding in the demanding and complex medical orthopedic market. Customers find that the Enertia™ process produces sintered metal cleaning results that are an order of magnitude better than the current aqueous-based cleaning systems.